Century House Partners

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Ian Jones

Ian Jones is the chief technology officer of Century House Consultancy. He holds a Ph.D. in physics and served on the faculty at the University of Mississippi for nearly ten years. Ian has past experience in visual merchandising and real estate development. While British-born, Ian has traveled the world, and maintains dual citizenship in the US and Canada. His work with CHC is focused on business intelligence and research, communications, knowledge management, systems development, and technical advising.


Anton Mack

Anton Mack is the chief development officer of Century House Consultancy, founder of Century House Social Club and a principal in Century House Advisors and Century House Media Group. Anton has served as counselor and advisor to numerous senior partners and executives, entrepreneurs, artists and corporations. A former international talent management executive and university dean with expertise in content development, design and publications, he studied music at the Peabody Conservatory, mathematics at Johns Hopkins, education at Harvard, and international business at ESCP Europe (Paris). Anton is well-versed in corporate cultural integration, language and communications, and has lived and worked in ten countries. His work with CHC is focused on business advising, executive coaching, image development, communications, public speaking, and business development.

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Patrick Panioty

Patrick Panioty is chief creative officer of Century House Consultancy and founder of London Heritage Design LTD based in Central London. Patrick has a wealth of experience in many areas, including interior design, lighting and space management for high net worth individuals as well as the restaurant and hotel industries. Patrick began his work in the design electrical engineering in 1982, but has since expanded his expertise to brand design and development, corporate events, and operations management. He is also an accomplished musician and still plays lead guitar with The Deltas. Patrick is a seasoned Project Leader, working closely with clients to ensure their total satisfaction. Patrick divides his time equally between the US and Europe, and develops real estate in Hungary, Italy, Spain and the UK. His work with CHC is focused on communications design, creative design and branding, image development, public relations, and business development.