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A New Kind of Social Club


Century House is a private member social club located in the downtown South Main Historic Arts District of Memphis and housed in the former 20th Century Fox Pictures Building. Designed and operated by entrepreneur and international executive Anton Mack, the club features a collection of classic rooms, bars, lounges, offices and a state-of-the-art screening room. The Social Club brings together an exciting mix of members - the associates, directors, producers and founders in a new concept of the classic european social club.



Century House offers three different levels of membership - Agents, Directors and Producers. Each level responds to the members’ needs and schedule. The Agents are typically comprised of our up-and-coming talent looking to spread their wings and gain insight along the way as well as our busy professionals who travel often or divide their limited time between a range of activities. The Directors are many of our community and business leaders who take advantage of the club’s co-working space features and private meeting/event benefits. They work hard and play hard every day while helping provide leadership to the club and its members. The Producers help create and drive our future. While just as focused and busy, they enjoy the greatest benefits and use them frequently, making full use of Century House as their home and office away from home for business strategy and board meetings, film screenings and musical events, and the like. Take a closer look at the benefits of membership, and what will best suit your needs.

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Not Your Typical Venue...


Living it up in South Main


At Century House, we believe a true community should come together often and in style – it should drive its surroundings. That's why we chose Memphis' beautiful and vibrant South Main neighborhood for our location.


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Photo & Film Shoots

Photo & Film Shoots

Century House Advisors

Century House Advisors