Vendor Booths

Vendor booths are limited, and all participants must submit a description of products and/or services to be sold/delivered before being confirmed for participation. All signed agreements and fees are due by June 17, 2016. Payment of fees must be received on time to ensure your assignment. Reservations cannot be held past the deadline. The deadline for booth fees is June 17, 2016.  

The food sales booth fee is $250.00. Retail sales booths are $200.00. Non-profit and Information Booths are $150.00. All booth categories are detailed on the below.

Payments can be made by cash, certified check, money order or credit card. Send check or money order to:

Powell Renaissance Holdings LLC, 151 Vance Avenue, Memphis, TN 38103. Call Anton Mack at 901.833.7796 to make arrangements for a cash payment. Use the linked application form for credit card payments.

Full payment must be received no later than June 17, 2016 and checks should be made payable to: Powell Renaissance Holdings - SFF. Please send payment immediately upon confirmation of application approval and booth assignment from the festival organizers.

Booth Details

Each booth is 10 feet by 10 feet by 10 feet in size with a tented awning for shade, and two electrical receptacles (110V only) provided by the organizers. One (1) eight foot table will also be provided upon request. Please be prepared to bring your own chairs, extension cords and any additional furnishings needed for your booth. Additional furniture like tables, display cases, stands and/or generators must be approved in advance. Please contact Ashby Taylor at (901) 488-2657 for approval.

Terms and Conditions

The following terms and conditions of the Vendor Agreement must be followed at all times. Any breach of these terms may result in the invalidation of this agreement and dismissal from the festival and festival property.

Fees and General Provisions

  1. Vendor agrees to pay a vendor booth fee to participate in the festival. The fee is payable to Powell Renaissance Holdings - SFF and due upon signing of this Agreement. Additional fees may be required for electric and water services.

2.    Vendor agrees to provide: (1) Cash box and appropriate change for duration of event, (2) sufficient staff for expedient service based on attendance estimates (800), and (3) any other items necessary for compliance with the Shelby County Health Department (hand wash facilities, appropriate refrigeration, etc.)

3.     Vendor agrees to abide by all set-up guidelines and times, provide staffing during the entire festival schedule, and place their booth or vehicle in the location assigned. No changes in location will be made during the event, unless necessary due to weather.

4.     Vendors and their staff must be skilled and experienced in the selling of food and beverages to large crowds of people. They must have portable facilities, and be willing to comply with all applicable Memphis and Shelby County Health Department regulations, in order to sell food and beverages at this festival.

5.     The South Forum Festival reserves the right to relocate all vendors according to the official “rain layout”, only if necessary during inclement weather.

6.   The festival organizers will serve as the sole alcohol (beer only) and drink vendor for the festival. No other vendors are permitted to sell any alcoholic beverage of any kind or water, soft drinks, juices and other non-alcoholic drinks.

7.     Vendors and their staff may NOT consume alcoholic beverages while working at the festival.

Booth, Set-up and Clean-up

  1. Vendors and staff are required to arrive at the Foundry between 8:00 am and 11:00 am to set up booths and deliver products. No late arrivals or set up activities will be permitted after 11:00 am.
  2. Electricity will be provided. Vendors should bring their own extension cords. If you will need more than two 110V receptacles, please contact Ashby Taylor at (901) 488-2657 in advance for assistance.
  3. Vendor must provide a fire extinguisher and present it to Mitchell Taylor, Event Manager on-site at time of set-up and maintain it on-site during the festival. If a fire extinguisher is not presented, the vendor must purchase one at their own expense before beginning operations at the festival.
  4. No weapons or firearms are permitted on the festival property at any time.
  5. No glass bottles or glass containers should be dispensed to the public.
  6. All sale items must be listed on the attached vendor application. No exceptions will be permitted unless confirmed in writing with one of the event organizers.
  7. Food vendors may bring up to four (4) assistants for a maximum of five (5) free admissions. Retail sales and non-profit/information vendors may bring up to two (2) assistants for a maximum of three (3) free admissions. Any additional staff beyond these maximums must pay the regular ticket price for admission.
  8. Vendor holds the responsibility for cleaning their area and bagging their garbage. Vendors must provide their own garbage bags. The festival organizers will remove all bagged trash for disposal during and after the event.
  9. The South Forum Festival, its organizers, Warren & Lee Holdings LLC and Powell Renaissance Holdings LLC, and their staff and volunteers are in no way responsible or will be held liable for personal injury, loss or adversity as a result of any incident or Act of God on the day of the festival.
  10. Vendors will be greeted and inspected at the gate by South Forum Festival staff. Unauthorized goods will not be permitted. Vendors are responsible to pay the required taxes to the Department of Revenue. The vendor fee is non-refundable. For more information on event relations and fees, please contact Anton Mack by email at or by telephone at 901.833.7796.

Insurance and Licenses

  1. Vendor agrees to indemnify and to hold harmless all owners, organizers, staff and volunteers of the South Forum Festival, Powell Renaissance Holdings LLC and Warren & Lee Holdings LLC from actions, claims, suits or proceedings which may be brought against any of them on account of injury to person or property in connection with this Agreement and the transactions included.
  2. Vendor agrees to obtain all required permits by the City of Memphis or Shelby County and to meet all regulations imposed by the Memphis and Shelby County Health Department and the Memphis/Shelby County Fire Department.
  3. Vendor agrees to provide a valid caterer’s permit.
  4. Vendor agrees to pay all applicable sales tax and to remit the same to the proper government agencies. Vendor further agrees to secure all necessary occupational licenses not already held.
  5. Vendor agrees that the South Forum Festival organizers have the sole right to terminate this agreement at any time with or without cause. 

This Agreement shall be binding upon the parties hereto, their heirs, successors, or assigns.

This Agreement contains the entire understanding between the South Forum Festival organizers and the Vendor. No other representations have been made. Modifications or waivers of any provision(s) shall not be binding on either party, unless provided in writing and signed by the parties involved. 

Booth Summary

Each vendor booth will include:

(a)    10 feet (W) by 10 feet (D) by 10 feet (H) of space for vending and storage;
(b)    an awning cover for shade;
(c)    two 110V electrical receptacles; and
(d)    one 8 foot table upon request.


Booth Fees

Food - Fees include booth, table, security, and sanitation removal - $250
Retail Sales - Fees include booth, table, security, and sanitation removal - $200
Non-Profit and Information (No sales permitted) - Fees include booth, table, security, and sanitation removal - $150

 Additional festival activities will include:

(a)    a main stage with DJ and recorded music;
(b)    an outdoor movie screen with continuous films;
(c)    a variety of games including corn hole; and
(d)    an indoor VIP Lounge by invitation.