The Creative Process

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Needs Assessment

Our goal is to gain a clear understanding of your needs. We work on a wide variety of projects with the flexibility to scale our services based on your needs. A well-defined, preliminary assessment will help ensure a clear project focus and on-time deliverables. We begin with a planning meeting to unpack your objectives, clarify your budget, and determine when to get started. Let Century House Media help you determine how best to use still and moving images to promote your business, organization or individual aspirations.

Creative Direction

We will work closely with you or your creative team to define the vision for your film or video project. We can take the lead and provide creative direction making recommendations, or work within an existing construct to realize your plan. In most cases, this will be a brief step in the process. If your project is more complex, we will be certain to craft a clear outline, story board and filming schedule to meet or exceed your expectations.


We value your time. So before the filming begins, we create a detailed schedule of pre-production essentials designed to minimize the amount of your time required for each shoot. We book and prepare the following: location, equipment, featured talent, models, stylists, set, staging and more. We aim to maximize efficiency and save you time.


Charles Nardi serves as our head of production and creative director on all shoots. Most projects will follow our standard production schedule with full day or half day shoots followed by extensive post-production editing. On occasion, additional time may be required for special features, processing or re-shoots. Production time may vary from a 30-minute shoot for social media clips to several days for a video series, or even multiple shoots over several months for a film or documentary.

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The post-production process provides the key elements to a successful project. We will process, review, select, correct, edit, enhance, modify, feature, title and render all film taken from the shoot. We will send drafts for your review and approval. This is the most time-consuming part of the process. We will make our recommendations on the final drafts, but this is ultimately your decision. We will prepare your selection with final edits and digital file production.


We provide your final video in the various prescribed formats for your business or individual use. We can also assist in preparing digital files for the different target outputs like marketing materials, television and online broadcast, production company submission, historical archiving and awards selection submission. Our goal is to deliver the best content possible to surpass your expectations.